Vallø’s history

Vallø is a Danish company with production factory in Lviv, Ukraine. Vallø was founded in 1999 as sawmill and wood processing factory and over the years expanded to a solid manufacturer of wood and metal based products. Our main product groups are:

  • wooden paint stirrers, rulers;
  • wooden jointing spatulas;
  • wooden brush handles.

We supply our products to many countries around the world. We have partners in Denmark, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, and the geography of our markets is constantly expanding.


Our vision and mission

Vallø’s vision is to constantly challenge the existing. We never stop improving  in what we do. We are curious. We follow markets changes and focus on constant development.

Vallø’s mission is to create value through innovational solutions. We are in close dialog with our customers, who we consider to be the best source of information and inspiration.

We have experienced employees who constantly improve their skills.

We work exclusively with manufacturers of high-quality raw materials and components. We care about our products to be modern, adapted to changes in technology and market, productive and durable.